Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Pre-Clean

Prior to cleaning your carpet, KMC will move smaller furniture such as chairs, sofas and small tables. Before we begin cleaning the carpet, we pre-clean by vacuuming. Similar to your home vacuum, but much more powerful, our commercial carpet cleaning vacuum pulls dry soil and particles from deep within your carpet, preparing it for the deep cleaning process.
Residential Carpet Cleaning by KMC Carpet Care

Pet Stains

For pet stains, we pre-treat them with a special pet enzyme cleaner. This pet-friendly product works to remove the pet stain and eliminate pet odors from deep in the carpet.

High Traffic Areas

For high traffic areas and other spots, we pre-treat with environmentally friendly cleaning solution. KMC uses professional strength  cleaning solutions. The products are safe for your family and the environment.

Deep Clean

After all of the stains and spots have been pre-treated, we perform a deep clean. Once we are complete, your carpet is now deep cleaned and will be dry in a matter of hours. On certain Berber and low nap commercial carpets we add an extra step. We use a buffer and cloth bonnets to scrub the carpets. If our 300 feet of hose cannot reach your property or you live in a building that does not allow the use of truck-mounted cleaning systems, we will use our high powered portable extractor.

Carpet Cleaning Protectant

We offer an optional carpet protectant that will keep your carpet looking its best and make cleanups easier. We suggest applying Scotchgard™ brand Carpet Protector.

Final Cleaning Steps

When we are finished, all previously moved furniture is returned to its original position and placed on plastic tabs to protect the carpet until it is completely dry.
Lastly, we use a specially designed rake to finish grooming the carpet pile, restore resiliency and allow the carpet to quickly dry.

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with the results on any area, we’ll come back out and clean it again, FREE! No questioned asked.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your office looking and smelling great. At KMC, we specialize in commercial carpet cleaning and commercial tile cleaning and recognize the different needs of your business.

KMC will provide professional carpet cleaning with minimal downtime. We can clean your floors after hours. Many commercial clients must have the carpet or tile cleaned during off-hours to minimize downtime to have less of an impact on their business. We go above and beyond to meet these needs and will schedule a commercial carpet or tile cleaning when it is most convenient for our customers. After hours or weekends are available to accommodate our commercial customers.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning by KMC Carpet Care
We are equipped to handle the special needs of high rise office buildings, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, schools, and apartments anywhere in the Tampa area.
We have the experience and equipment to get the job done and meet the needs of your commercial business.
For those clients who want to keep their establishments looking great all year long, we offer discounts on commercial carpet cleaning services. We can set up a schedule for you or you can set up your own schedule. Let us know what you would like to do.